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thatlittlepinkgirl whispered: "Well," she started, glancing around a bit nervously, "You, uhh, you fix things, right?"

"Yes, I do! Do you need any help with something, little miss?" he asked, smiling.


felix-and-company whispered: "I wasn't about to let you get hit. Rather be me, little buddy."

Felix sighed and shook his head. “Thank you… but still, now you’re not able to move that much for several weeks possibly…” 


narut0o0o whispered: Hi my friend! how are you?

I’m fine, thank you! And yourself?


millieburtonburger whispered: "Sure." Millie smiled and nodded.

"Alright then! Come in!" he smiled at her.

millieburtonburger whispered: "Are you busy today?" Millie asked.

"Not really. Want to come in?" he asked, smiling.


millieburtonburger whispered: "Mr. Felix!" Millie said happily as she hugged him. "I'm sorry for being gone so long."

"That’s alright, little princess~ It’s good to see you again~!"




i lost my shit when he tried to guess robin

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millieburtonburger whispered: Millie approaches his house and knocks on the door.

"Oh!" Felix stopped what he was doing and approached to open the door. "Millie!!" Felix smiled widely and hugged the little girl. "Long time no see!"


felix-and-company whispered: "Okay, I guess.." He shrugged, smiling a bit.

"You shouldn’t have done what you did…" he replied, concerned.


millieburtonburger whispered: Millie arrives in the virtual world after being absent for quite awhile. She wanted to see Felix again after so long, but she just hoped he wasn't mad at her for being gone.

Felix was at home, having a nice time, at least, relaxing and baking some pastries, just practicing as Mary taught him in their free times. 


felix-and-company whispered: Mark was now lying down on the hospital bed inside the said room. His right arm had been wrapped in bandages for the car's tire ran over it, and his left eye was now a little black.

"… There you are." Felix replied, looking at him, smiling. "How are you feeling?"

thatlittlepinkgirl whispered: "Hi, uhm. You're Fix It Felix, right?" she asked, smiling a bit.

"Yes, that’s me, miss. Do you need anything?"


thatlittlepinkgirl whispered: Sandra knocked on the door of the Nicelander's apartment building, biting her lip and rocking back and forth on her heels as she waited for someone to open it.

"Hello! May I help you?" Felix asked as he opened the door and looked at the young girl in front of him.


Digital Disaster || fixitfelixjr


"Almost, easy does it now, just a bit more-“

Kowalski’s mutterings abruptly came to a halt as he stumbled back, the backing of the game cabinet finally giving way to his crowbar. He hurried forward eagerly to survey his work, eyes wide. It had taken a bit longer to get the older game cabinet open than, say, dismantling Mort’s hand-held console, but the penguin had to work carefully if he didn’t want to damage the components inside.

Kowalski suppressed a small squeal of glee as he finally came face-to-face with the inner workings of the game. This was it- It was exactly what he had hoped to find. Looked like taking his time had payed off after all.

Still, he shouldn’t dawdle. A quick glance over at the arcade door and the trio of penguins guarding it made it clear that the other members of his team were getting a bit impatient. Kowalski hadn’t exactly offered them a good reason to come all the way out to the arcade with him, other than the fact that the mission was crucial to his latest experiment.

The penguin looked back into the interior of the console, keeping his gaze fixed on a small, unused plug that he was over fifty percent certain was the one he needed. He took a deep breath, trying to steady his pounding heart. This was it.

Kowalski reached out toward the experimental structure on the floor nearby, the box-like invention that had kept his mind occupied for the past few days. Carefully lifting the wire lead that protruded from the top of the metallic cube, he gently brought the tip to rest on the game cabinet’s open plug.

There was a deep hum that seemed promising. A moment later, however, Kowalski was blinded by a shower of sparks that were definitely not supposed to be there. He was almost certain that a bit of errant electricity had also passed through his own body, but the world seemed to fade away before he could realize that it was supposed to hurt.


When the scientist awoke, he wasn’t entirely certain he wasn’t still unconscious. Because this place, wherever he was, was not the arcade.

And the figure before him was not who he expected to see.

"Hey… hey, are you alright?" Felix asked curiously at the strange newcomer. The handyman examined while walking a bit around him, wondering who it was and if it was in troubles or something. "Are you hurt?" 

What was a penguin doing here? Which game was he from? Though, Felix just saw him appearing there… What just happened? he wondered. 

Felix waited to get a response, hoping he could help somehow.